“Lagos Is Yearning For A Change,” Says State PDP Chairman

David Ugbabe

Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Lagos State chapter, Mr Adedeji Doherty, has said the people of Lagos State are yearning for a change in rulership, and that the 20-year stay in power by the All Progressives Congress (APC) will soon come to an end.

Doherty's statement on Saturday, was in reaction to a comment by Alhaji Tunde Balo gun, the Lagos State Chairman of the APC, on Thursday. Alhaji Tunde who said that PDP was not destined to win elections in the state.

Doherty responded stating that Balogun has not come to terms with reality, as Lagosians have long been yearning for a change that the PDP is getting ready to provide in 2023.

“Let the APC continue to enjoy the spoil of their 20 years of rigged elections in Lagos, but I am sure it will all come to an end very soon. Lagos State is yearning for a change and the change must come. We have endured 20 years of degradation and the state debt has hit the roof of over N2tn and still climbing," Doherty said.

The PDP chairman further stated that “The APC has ruled this state for over 20 years with little or nothing meaningful to show for it. Most of what we have seen has been cosmetic and not the real dividends of democracy.”

He further claimed that the incumbent leadership is accumulating huge debts.

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