FG Slams The U.S. Over Watchlist Placement

Austin Papi

The Nigerian Federal government and her institutes of power have accused the United States of America of allegedly meddling in the internal affairs of Nigeria meanwhile overlooking their own bulk of challenges, like the ongoing impeachment of their President, Donald Trump.

On Friday, December 20, the United State authorities announced that it has placed Nigeria on a Special Watch List for tolerating “severe violations of religious freedom.” The placement was on the grounds that no country, entity, or individual should be able to persecute people of faith with impunity, just like it is been allegedly portrayed in Nigeria.

The United States’s secretary of state Mike Pompeo said,

“These religious freedom designations show that when faith is attacked, we will act.”

The US also laid accusations on the Nigerian government for allegedly tolerating violence and discrimination based on religion or belief. They also believe that according to a survey, there is the suppression of the freedom to manifest religion or belief in Nigeria.

The Spokesman for President Buhari, Femi Adesina, said during an interview on Sunday Politics programme on Channels Television,

“In international relations, you respect the internal affairs of other countries,

“The U.S. itself has enough to chew…solving its own problems not to talk of poke-nosing into that of another country.

“No man, no country, nobody has appointed them the policeman of the world, let them face their own issues,” Adesina said.

Following up Femi Adesina’s reaction, Nigeria’s Minister of information, Lai Mohammed, also disclosed that Nigeria has no business on the list of countries suppressing religious freedom globally.

He, like his counterpart, Adesina, also accused the US of cultivating the seed of mistrust among the various religious groups in Nigeria.

"It is unfortunate that the US fell for the antics of “the discontented and the unpatriotic few, who will not hesitate to hang Nigeria out to dry on the altar of their inordinate ambition and their sheer animosity towards the Buhari-led administration,” Lai Mohammed said.

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