Rabiu Garba Gusau
Rabiu Garba Gusau

Zamfara Suspends Directors Connected To 5000 Ghost Workers

David Ugbabe

Three top directors and officials of the Zamfara Ministry of Finance have been suspended in connection with alleged racketeering and the discovery of 5,000 ghost workers receiving salary amounting to the tune of N216 million.

The Zamfara State Commissioner for Finance, Rabiu Garba Gusau, confirmed the suspension, stating that the illegal business was being done by Director of Finance at the Hospital Management Board, Director in charge of salary at the State Ministry of Finance, and his deputy, including five other officials in the ministry.

According to reports, one of the suspended workers who allegedly aided the appointment racketeering, was reportedly receiving thrice the salary of a medical doctor.

Gusau said, “It is a serious crime because Zamfara civil service is affecting the implementation of the new minimum wage. There are some workers that are receiving only N7000 because the wage bill almost tallies with monthly allocation and the internally generated revenue (IGR) is declining."

He revealed that “As of now, we have detected 4,972 ghost workers receiving salaries without justifying their salaries."

He further added that most of the directors in the ministry have over ten people that they employed illegally receiving more than twenty million naira on a monthly basis.

On the way forward, the commissioner revealed that "In the next two weeks the public would know the outcome of the investigation, we would name all the officials involved and the banks that are aiding them in committing the fraud.

We would submit the banks’ names to the Central Bank of Nigeria for further disciplinary action.”

Gusau noted that there are so many governmental agencies where such dubious activities were being carried on without the public knowing what was in the offing.

Therefore, he stressed that “We are now set to expose their dubious activities because the state is getting better now than ever before."

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