General Rotimi
General Rotimi

No Hope In Present Generation Of Politicians - General Rotimi

David Ugbabe

Brigadier General Oluwole Rotimi (retd.), at the 21st Benjamin Oluwakayode Osuntokun Lecture, said there is no hope in the present generation of political leaders, citing their selfish approach to governance.

Rotimi who was a former governor of the old Western Region, said their attitude towards governance emanated from discontentment.

He also expressed worries over the attitude of the citizens to information from those who should know.

“Nigeria is not short of people who will diagnose the causes of our problems. It is in finding solutions that we are lost," he said.

He lamented that, "It is sad that rather than stick to the message, people would rather take on the messenger. When certain messages are passed to Nigerians we criticise the messenger; we don’t give thought to the message."

He also emphasized that Nigeria need to “reintroduce the teaching of history and civic education."

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