Hanan Buhari
Hanan Buhari

President’s Family Has A Right To The Presidential Jet - Shehu

Austin Papi

The Presidency has responded to the internet buzz and negative reactions trailing the use of the presidential jet by President Buhari's daughter.

Nigerians criticized President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Hanan Buhari, for using the Presidential jet for her private functions.

Last Thursday, Hanan Buhari reportedly used the Presidential jet to attend a private function in Bauchi State. To that effect, many Nigerians have taken to social media to criticise her for her actions.

However, on Saturday, the Spokesman and Media Aide to the Presidency, Alhaji Garba Shehu, informed the public that close family relations of the president have all the right to use the Presidential jet

He further explained that even before using the Presidential jet, Hanan Buhari got her father’s approval and he (President Buhari) also informed the National Security Adviser about the usage of the presidential jet.

Garba Shehu said, “It’s true that a member of the first family was flown to Bauchi yesterday on a mission duly authorised. It wasn’t an impromptu or improper trip because it followed normal procedure. The Presidency informed the National Security Adviser of the mission who in turn informed the Commander of the Presidential Air Fleet.

“The normal practice in existence for a long time is that the Presidential Air fleet is available to the President and the first family and four others. These four are the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker, and any other person(s) authorised by the President.”

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