Mr Dan Orbih
Mr Dan Orbih

Edo Election: PDP Calls APC An ‘Expired Drug’

David Ugbabe

The Chairman of the Edo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Dan Orbih, on Monday, described the All Progressives Congress (APC) as an expired drug which they must put aside, as the party (PDP) claims it is ready to take the state from the APC.

Orbih made this known while addressing members of the PDP after receiving an honorary award at the Afemai declaration of the PDP Edo North Senatorial District.

He said, “The task in our hand is simple, the APC leaders are the ones campaigning for the PDP. The APC is an expired drug and we must put them aside."

He further explained, “We have done so well against intimidation, let me also say that you have done very well in Edo North."

However, Orbih pleaded with party members not to relent. In anticipation of the governorship election coming up very soon, he said, "So, let us take this message to our wards that in unity, we will take over Edo State."

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