Akeredolu Invites President Buhari To Celebrate Three Years In Office
Governor Akeredolu

Akeredolu Invites President Buhari To Celebrate Three Years In Office

David Ugbabe

The Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has lined up activities to celebrate three years in office with the inauguration of projects concluded by his government.

The governor explained that his visit to the presidency was to personally invite the president to inaugurate the iconic flyover in Ore which, according to him, was built over a federal road because the state does not have enough carnage at that spot in Ore.

Akeredolu, on Tuesday, after a closed-door meeting with the president at the Presidential Villa revealed to state house correspondents, “The flyover cost us over N5 billion. It is an important project for us.”

He also stated that there was no discussion between him and the president over the Amotekun Initiative.

“I read in one of our papers that I was coming in here to discuss Amotekun with the president. I did not discuss that with him in any way. We didn’t even mention it. He wouldn’t have asked me because I was not here for that purpose,” he said. He further stated that “(The) issue of Amotekun is something to do with security and the Vice President has come into the matter,” he said.

“The governors of states in the South-West will meet with the Inspector-General of Police to sort a few things out and smoothen edges,” hence, he stated that they have held a meeting and are having subsequent meetings on Feb. 6.”

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