Adams Oshiomhole
Adams Oshiomhole

“You Cannot Jail My Fighting Spirit,” Oshiomhole Boasts

David Ugbabe

The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, has declared that nobody can jail his fighting spirit.

He made this declaration while receiving a petition from the Zamfara State chapter of the party over alleged harassment of APC members to join the PDP in the state.

He expressed his concern to the people, stating that the current situation in which the Supreme Court awarded “our mandate to another party, many would have discouraged, demoralized or make some of you wallow in self-pity trying to find answers to questions but the answers would not count.”

However, he reiterated that he is one man who believes the flesh can be jailed but not the spirit.

Oshiomhole, who spoke yesterday in Abuja said, “I have taken note of your pain, particularly in respect of our brothers and sisters who, from your report, are being oppressed or even sent to jail under circumstances that are also questionable. I assure you we will take steps to intervene and see what we can do at the level of judicial intervention.”

Oshiomole said he believed that the choice by Nigeria to practice multi-party democracy was a conscious decision.

“We could have chosen to have a one-party state. So, once you have a multi-party democracy, the ruling party must respect the right of the opposition. You can be the ruling party today and tomorrow you become the opposition,” he said.

The APC leader clarified that “The rules of engagement must allow everyone, regardless of his party affiliation, to express himself, to associate freely and to enjoy the freedom of speech and movement.”

He, therefore, thanked the people for maintaining the peace, they have started organising protests, particularly in Abuja and in Imo State.

“If we have decided to mobilise our supporters to the streets, it would have been impossible for anybody to come out in Zamfara State. That capacity to protest exists, but because we are a ruling party, we do not make protests our business,” he said.

Hence, he assured that the party will stand by its members in the 36 states and particularly in states where we don’t have governors.

He said, “We know what our leaders and members are going through in those states. We are already having conversations in our party. What is happening in Zamfara is also happening in some other states, even in the South. Somebody published a story in the South-south and he was sent to jail because the governor there is of the PDP.”

He concluded by thanking them for remaining strong and, maintaining the party in Zamfara state. “The National Executive Council (NEC) will stand by you,” he stressed.

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