Buhari Praises Nigerian Women On Their Achievements 
President Buhari

Buhari Praises Nigerian Women On Their Achievements 

David Ugbabe

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that Nigerian womenfolk can equal the achievements of other women elsewhere if given the right encouragement, support and guidance.

The president made the statement on Tuesday while speaking with Dr Eleanor Nwadinobi, President of the Medical Women’s International Association at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He noted that he was delighted to receive Dr Nwadinobi, who is the first Nigerian to be elected as president of the association in its 100 years of existence.

In a statement signed by his spokesperson, Femi Adesina, the president congratulated Dr Nwadinobi among other women who are breaking new grounds in the medical field.

‘‘I am also proud to see and hear about the great achievements of Dr Nwadinobi,” he said. He also stressed that the story of her career and accomplishments thus far is commendable and worthy of celebration.

Buhari further said: ‘‘I will, therefore, ask Dr Nwadinobi and all members of the Medical Women’s International Association to continue to be role models for our younger sisters and daughters. He congratulated and prayed for many more years of accomplishment for the medical practitioners. In commemoration of the International Women’s Day, he appealed to Nigerian women in different fields of endeavour to remain steadfast in their chosen vocations.

Dr Nwadinobi expressed gratitude to the president for welcoming her and her team members. She noted that her election as president of the association has brought honour to Nigeria and also aligned with the Buhari-led administration in stepping up to the next level.

She further stressed that Nigeria now has “the strongest voice in the Medical Women’s International Association, and can also be a strategic and dependable partner in transforming women’s health indices.”

Meanwhile, she commended the efforts being made by the government to protect Nigerians from the Covid-19 outbreak, noting that the country is able to set a good example in handling the coronavirus the same way it handled the Ebola virus and overcame.

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