Music Lovers Have A Thing Or Two To Learn From DJ Limo
DJ Limo
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Music Lovers Have A Thing Or Two To Learn From DJ Limo

DJ Limo talks about his passion for music, his experience growing up with lovers of music and becoming a music producer in this interview. 

Titilayo Olurin

You’ll probably never meet anyone more passionate about music and radio than DJ Limo.

The ardent music lover, who was born Emeka Paul Sam but picked up the name ‘DJ Limo’ back in his school days, insists that nothing gives him as much joy as making music.

“That’s my passion. I fell in love with DJ’ing and producing music,” he says, with so much excitement, his voice quivers.

Falling in love with music came naturally to the DJ since he grew up in a home with a music studio where musicians held recording sessions.

The Music Lifestyle

“I loved the lifestyle. I loved the musicians,” DJ Limo reminisces about his childhood days in Ghana which were filled with memorable moments spent with well-respected musicians.

“I loved the way they used music to send out messages, and since then, I started developing an interest in the music industry and then I started learning how to play instruments like the keyboard, drums and the bass guitar,” he continues passionately, with a note of nostalgia in his voice.

While interacting with the different music artistes who visited his childhood home, DJ Limo did not only learn the ropes of music but also found that he had a raw talent for sounds and tunes, which he polished every chance he got.

“I learnt my art in my home in Ghana and some other commercial studios ... it was at the age of 11 that I began to take vocals in a popular studio owned by my dad, Top Ranks Studio,” he says proudly.

This marked the beginning of a successful career for the DJ. In addition to learning how to use the keyboard, guitar and a handful of other instruments, DJ Limo learnt how to use a software that later proved useful to him as a music producer.

“I also started learning a software called the Atari 1010 Program Recorder which I used to start recording other artistes,” he announces.

DJ Limo

King-Size Album

Time spent recording other artistes is most cherished by the DJ, as he finds the production of music a delight.

But nothing beats the feeling of finally recording his album, ‘King-Size,’ which he considers to be one of the most remarkable points of his career.

The DJ lists “being able to record my album, titled ‘King-Size’, and working with some A-list artists” as his career highlights.

With the highlights come the lows, though. The music lover, whose greatest inspiration is his musician father, admits that his career lowlight was the one time he recorded a song and somehow lost it.

“I recorded a song and the next minute, I wanted to listen to the song but the system got corrupted and I was unable to retrieve the file and I lost the song like that ... I tried to do it again but it wasn’t like the first one that got corrupted,” he says.

Not one to give up, the DJ takes such challenges as finances, a producer’s block and negative criticism from people in good stride.

Focus is Key

DJ Limo spends his time in the studio, where he is most comfortable. The young music producer currently works with Happenings Radio and is working hard on getting the video for one of his songs out.

As a music producer and radio studio manager with decades of experience, DJ Limo has a word of advice for youngsters who want to follow his career path.

“Stay focused,” he advises. “Believe in yourself. You should be hardworking and not listen to what negative words people have to say. You should think of new ideas, try it, do it, do it again and again and keep doing it, that’s success for you.”

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