The Antique Review: Delightfully Engaging movie

The Antique Review: Delightfully Engaging movie

Yvonne Williams

Compelling performances from movie greats such as; Olu Jacobs, Bimbo Akintola, Funsho Adeolu, Ricardo Agbor complemented beautifully by strong delivery from fast rising stars Kiki Omeili, Dada Omowunmi, Seun Akindele, Gabriel Afolayan and Oge Indiana with exceptional comic relief from comedy guru Akpororo make this adventure thriller an all time classic.

“The Antique” is an epic story based on happenings in Southern Nigeria in the 19th century. Right from the first scene, the viewer is enveloped by the film’s plot, arresting theatrical aesthetics and brilliant cinematography.

Written and Produced by Darasen Richards and co -directed by DJ Tee, the plot begins with the first scene portraying a peaceful and successful community – “Godo Kingdom,” however things soon take a dramatic turn as the community is invaded by strange beings who rob them of the sacred antique (which signifies royalty – cultural heritage), therefore a curse comes upon the once peaceful land.

A new era begins 40 years later and the effect of the missing emblem is seen as the ruling oba’s son and heir to the throne is critically ill and close to the grave, but a solution is found – A virgin accompanied by three warriors must embark on a trip to “Irava” a land forbidden to mere mortals to retrieve the stolen antique.

The theme, woven around; Betrayal, intrigue, true love and effortless humor arrests the viewers’ attention throughout


An evil collision is formed by mischievous seductress “Isoken” and the village high priest who connive to send “Uki” (Oge Indiana) to Irava (the forbidden land) to retrieve the missing antique.

In another scene, we see Isoken try to seduce “Uyi” (Gabriel Afolayan) Uki’s fiancé, but will he submit to her advances, If not what would be the consequence?


The audience remains transfixed throughout as answers regarding whether or not Uyi with her bodyguards will emerge victorious therefore retrieving the missing antique gradually unfolds.


“The Antique” movie obviously has some lapses; the scene where Uyi is being whipped for allegedly trying to sleep with Isoken shows this, instead of impressively trying to convince the audience with visible bleeding as a result of the grave punishment, through the expertise of the makeup artiste, his back lazily skips the cameras during the punishment.

Slight over acting in the part of Seun Akindele and weak delivery from Oge Indiana (the protagonist) also attempts to take away from the movie as Omowunmi Dada (“Osas” – Uki’s confidant) effortlessly takes the spotlight away from her each time they are spotted together.

Commendably however,  overall powerful performances from the cast cover these lapses,  thumbs up – Love!

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