#HAPPENINGSHOST: Celebrating Chude at 30

#HAPPENINGSHOST: Celebrating Chude at 30


By Tolu Daniel

The event began with readings from Chude’s new book, a compendium of essays titled Are we The Turning Point Generation? Followed by the most soulful piece of music from afro-soul singer, Aduke, accompanied by the melancholic tunes from Segun the violinist setting up the atmosphere for an interesting intellectual talk.
As the event progressed, the convener of the event, Joy Isi Bewaji took over and interviewed Chude; several questions and comments followed, ranging from the role of the media in the development of the country, to questions on leadership and youth participation.


His response were centered majorly around the effects of cultural values on our streams of consciousness, How culture prescribes silence to the folly of the elderly and expects you as an individual to glory in such stupidity, Chude opined that it was possible to unlearn some of these things that our culture has so much engraved in us. He explained that Nigeria is a culturally defeated country; because we fail to express our reality. And once this reality is not properly defined, there is bound to be conflict, this explains the reason for the ethno-religious wars that have so much ravaged the country in recent times.
Chude’s responses were practical and tactical; he doesn’t beat about the bush like a confused politician but drew strength for his explanations from personal experiences which made the realities of what he has been able to do for himself easily relatable and inspiring.


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