Review: Make Me Fabulous Episode 2 – From Downtown to Fabulous heaven!

Review: Make Me Fabulous Episode 2 – From Downtown to Fabulous heaven!

Yvonne Williams

Imagine waking up like every other normal day without any inkling of fate’s awesome plan to give your life an astounding 180 degree boosting just by the snap of her Fingers! And just like that Zap! Its instant upgrade; from regular soul to all time fab! Now that’s exactly what Stephanie did in ‘Make Me Fabulous’ episode two.

In this new episode we are introduced to a beautiful couple –Toyin and Babatunde (The Ojomo’s) who’ve been wedded for five whole years but have never had even a single day to themselves, unbelievable but true (that’s what tends to happen when the kids start coming and the bills take major focus).

Its romance, romance and romance in the air for this couple, the language of love is one they speak ever so fluently, reminding us about the beauty of love and leaving some of us a tad jealous.

It all begins with a Porsche ride to the Ojomo’s home and out they go for their magical date night. Their first stop? One of Nigeria’s top notch hotels –‘The Best Western Hotel’ where the couple is taken to their impressive suite, from there Toyi heads to the Grey Velvet store, Lekki to get her makeover, there she meets with celebrity stylist Moses and the two hit It off and together they pick different fun changes.

Next Toyin meets celebrity hairstylist Nancy who gives her a gorgeous do, then she heads to the ‘Adiya spa’ there she simply relaxes to the master’s touch while her nerves are ministered to. She’s not done yet and heads to Celebrity makeup artiste Lola Maja Okojevoh to put on the final touches.

At last the night arrives filled with endless possibilities; the couple arrives for their date and emotions just take over; hugs, kisses, dancing to recalling beautiful almost forgotten memories.

Toyin gets overwhelmed during dinner as she almost starts crying cos she can’t believe she gets to spend time with her love, touched Babatunde rises to comfort his damsel and promises to be a better husband.

Every inch charming he appears to dish out the perfect words with his every utterance. Later on, Stephanie appears and Toyin gets all emotional again! The couple is then presented with their gifts; LG flat screen and customized ‘Make Me Fabulous’ T-shirts. Romantically, the dreamy night ends with a toast, hug and of course a kiss! Now that’s magic!!!

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