Movie Review: ‘Inside Out’ –  An engagingly insightful box of fun!

Movie Review: ‘Inside Out’ – An engagingly insightful box of fun!

Yvonne Williams

How amazing would it be if we could hear(and even see) what goes on inside a person’s head; oh, how intriguing the very thought of cracking the giant walls of that “all so perfect calm exterior” which hosts a whole baggage of perfectly    hidden emotions fighting to burst out; fear, anger, disgust, pain, sadness and joy. If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on the inside an individual’s mind and why some emotions dare to exist, this enlightening box of fun is for you!

‘Inside out’ is a refreshingly intriguing original concept which exposes the train of thought behind an individual’s action.  She delightfully takes the viewer on a journey towards self discovery and self acceptance. The movie kicks off and majorly dwells within the mind of a new born/ pre teenage girl’s, mind; there, five solid emotions- fear, anger, disgust, sadness and joy come to life as characters and Join forces to ensure Riley explores life in its entirety and is guided through life’s crisis.

The plot’s brilliance cannot be over emphasized in this Pixar animated movie; with effortless ease and charm, life’s most important lessons are relayed through fun visuals and spectacular special effects to kids. Every child learns that the journey from childhood towards adulthood may not be all rosy but these perhaps, unavoidable setbacks all add up to make us stronger and better individuals.

Eleven years later, Riley’s world is torn apart as she is taken away from her treasured Island which hosts all her beautiful memories. She gets to start up a whole new not so cozy world from scratch and like all humans she struggles with her emotions to get through this trying period, but is every emotion needed on this trip? ‘Inside Out’ provides the answer!

When we get stuck as humans during our trying period, joy automatically swings into superhero mode and champions the course of our finding happiness. She follows her instinct and jumps at every and anything it takes to make us happy, but does sadness have a role to play in our finding total happiness or does she deserve to get shuffled off to the side? (after all everything “gets contaminated” when she comes in contact with them).

A typical scenario –

Sadness: “Wait, joy you could get lost in there”

Joy: “think positive”

Sadness: “Okay, I’m positive you will get lost in there”

So is sadness the villain that she’s painted out to be? In the end of the movie an essential message is passed; we are uniquely and perfectly designed and all these emotions add up to mould our personality, which when channeled rightly launches us into to become confident in our very essence.

‘Inside Out’ might be understandably mistaken to be just for kids, but on a closer look, every adult would benefit from its wealth of knowledge, as it broadens human perception, understanding and therefore acceptance as we most likely find pieces of ourselves portrayed on screen- Highly recommended.

Written and directed by Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen and produced by Jonas Rivera, ‘Inside Out stars; Amy Poehler- Joy (voice), Phyllis Smith- Sadness (voice), Bill Hader – Fear (voice), Lewis Black- Anger (voice), Mindy Kaling – Disgust (voice), Kaitlyn Dias -Riley (voice) and others.

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