Movie Review: “One Fine Day” – Sibling rivalry meets shady perfection!

Movie Review: “One Fine Day” – Sibling rivalry meets shady perfection!

Yvonne Williams

One fine day… beautiful and perfect – it was the dawn of a new day and as her innocent eyes gazed upon the sun, it enfolded her in its welcoming arms. Yes, perfect, this was how it was always meant to be – just like her world but ironically as she smiled upon the elements, fate looked upon her with omniscient eyes, as her once “seemingly perfect” world was about to be turned upside down, within one jolting split second…

He was every inch perfect; tall, handsome and all so charming, she was far from the epitome of perfection – a spoilt adventurous brat whose wild antics her family was used to, and on one fateful day their paths cross- one costly slip and there will be hell to pay – no second chances indeed; behold, “One Fine Day” finds its plot.

Tasha – she was the self righteous, “know-it-all” older sister whose budding relationships have never smelt the altar many thanks to her whiny, attention seeking, selfish, she-devil of a sister – Nina, who delights in tarnishing their family’s reputation and getting away with everything. Suddenly, things turn for the worse when the unforeseen happens and once again the nonexistent bond is threatened. Can the unapologetic black sheep (Nina) gain her family’s trust when she fingers out her rapist? Or is this just one sickening ploy for attention taken too far?

Directed by Desmond Elliot and produced by Emem Isong  “One Fine day” delves into sibling rivalry and the devastating consequences which may occur if not addressed. The movie also calls for justice for the rape victim – all rapists should be put behind bars regardless of status or class.

Although the movie boasts of an interesting plot which delightfully carries its audience along, the predictability takes away from it, as its conclusion is a mystery yet solved right from the very beginning. Another rather obvious flaw was the poor lighting; the set was extremely dark with red rays reflecting upon the cast, blurring the images in some scenes.

“One Fine Day” stars: renowned actor couple: Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva alongside Funke Akindele,  Frederick Leonard, Benjamin Touitou and Memry Savanhu.

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