#TrailerReview: Our Best Friend’s Wedding: The Era of Weddings, Sex and Mistrust

#TrailerReview: Our Best Friend’s Wedding: The Era of Weddings, Sex and Mistrust


We have been force-fed with The Wedding Party to a full kwashiorkor-ed state. The PR just wouldn’t stop. Like a child flipped over, pap forced down its throat, we took this assault in good strides. After all, we love weddings.

But we were hoping to catch a break. No more wedding titles for the next 100 years! Our lives are already a banquet of wedding/marriage questions: “When will you bring a (wo)man home?” and all other absurdities.

It’s just been a few weeks, and another Wedding title is in our faces.

Enter “Our Best friend’s Wedding”.

If the title sounds dreadfully familiar, it’s because it is. From Julia Robert’s ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ to Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Wedding Planner’ to Katherine Heigl’s  ’27 Dresses’, and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’, all carry us through the need to get laid, get hooked and get the perfect dress and ring for the journey.

Although we will try not to judge a book by its cover, let’s take a look at the trailer of ‘Our Best Friend’s Wedding’:

They call it a dramedy which serves as a cocktail of drama, romance and comedy. It’s a story of a man who apparently needs to get engaged, buys a ring on impulse and gets his friends involved in the search for the right woman which he hopes to find from a list of potential candidates.

If for nothing, we are looking forward to the aching Nigerian upper-middle class accent, taste, style and pageantry.

So what does the trailer reveal? Brilliant picture, so crisp you want to take a bite. Maybe a bite off Illrymz’s seeming cuteness or a lick off Oreka’s chocolate skin. There’s a desperate mission to make corporeal star of radio personalities. Aren’t they supposed to remain unseen? Some of them should.

But let’s move on quickly. The series features Adebola ‘Illrymz’ Olowu, Oreka Godis, Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Chris Attoh, Timi Charles-Fadipe, Unamka Marycolette, Yewande Lawal, Sarah Boulos and Theo Lawson.

Chris looks lovable as always. Gbemi… what can we say? The weave, the makeup, the lashes, the over-do of an appearance begging for a tone down.

No matter what our dermatologist says, we are looking forward to the pain and joy of yet another wedding flick.

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