The Office of the Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Office of the Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


By Evans Ufeli

The Nigerian citizens over the years may not have functioned in their official pose not fully because of ignorance of their constitutional right but because her leaders have plundered the common wealth beyond the reach of her citizens to a level that leaves the citizens preoccupied with the cross of survival. This mantra remains a fiddle log laboriously hand-twisting men to submit to the chronicles of survival.

The office of the citizen is that long neglected arm of government called the civil society. In modern democracy the arms of government spills a new classification, which is the executive, legislator, judiciary and the civil society group. Governance really is about the people and this social contract is laid down in the constitution of Nigeria. Section 14 subsections 2 a-c of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria as amended, provides that sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through the constitution derives all its power and authority, that the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of governance and the participation by the people in their government shall be ensured in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.

Nigerian citizens who are plagued by the ineptitude of her leaders have completely lost confidence in their own faith, faced with the rigors of existence. His exalted office still remains a fluke to him. His life is shred at the mercy of his circumstances. His hope is tired of motivation as he hopes against hope. He is unemployed, underemployed or unemployable. He has long forgotten his right to life as he snoozes under stomach infrastructural schemes devised by the devil himself. He worships the dubious politicians to find a square meal to his name. Afterward, he makes endless arguments with good memories then takes off his shirt at nightfall in search for a place to pass the night.

Dear Nigerian citizen, your life is worth more than this. You are the essence of governance. You have a right to good life. You have no business being poor. It is an abuse to human life to see you hopeless in this condition while your leaders swim in the vault of ceaseless wealth. It is your right to dream, to aspire to great heights, to raise happy kids, to grow to the size of global relevance, engage in international business, create platforms for scientific inventions, turn your stories into literary artifacts for world touristic appreciation and export your native brands into world-class value.

You have an office in this government. You have a right to call for the books and demand that things be done rightly. If you stand up for your right the power brokers will soon find out that it is no longer business as usual. This is no time to lay back in defeat. It is no time to put your hand on your jaw and wallow in your misery. It is no time to renege in rhetorics and demonstrate faith on irrelevant expeditions. It will be fatal to stay dormant in a country where impunity reigns supreme. You must summon your representatives in government and demand for justice. If you play down on this, I can assure you that the brook will dry off when you finally wake up from your slumber and your options will have shrunk into nothingness.

If you have the vintage of love then go to work. Study great economies, make findings, juxtapose empirical ratio and synthesize same at the policies of our economic scale. Go on air; contribute to national transformation by sponsoring a bill, speak out and call this government to order before they fail us again. Then watch how your efforts will trigger the desired change. You must occupy that office of yours –the office of the citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria. We are in dear need of men and women to occupy these positions. Vacancies exist at all levels of this enterprise and we must take on that pursuit- the office of the citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria must become the mainstream of modern governance. Join us now!

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