Giuliana Rancic claims “Dreadlock comment” was scripted

Giuliana Rancic claims “Dreadlock comment” was scripted

Yvonne Williams

Seems like people are not buying the “Giuliana apology” as the backlash continues to grow; new development on the story reveal that Fashion Police co host Giuliana Rancic blames the show’s writers for the expensive comment made about Disney star actress, Zendaya Coleman’s locs.

According to “Access Hollywood” the statement claimed “Billy Bush spoke directly to Giuliana Rancic this morning and has learned that her comments that the 18-year-old’s dreadlocks looked like they smelled like ‘patchouli’ and ‘maybe weed,’ were penned by a Fashion Police show writer, and not something Giuliana came up with on her own.”

“Billy also asked about reports of Kelly Osbourne stopping the segment and telling her Fashion Police colleagues they can’t make comments like that about Zendaya. According to Giuliana, none of this is true. What she said actually happened is that Kathy Griffin spoke up and asked ‘Who is Zendaya?’ to which Kelly responded, wait a minute, let’s not act like we don’t know her. She’s been a guest host on the show a couple of times.”

According to the Access Hollywood statement, Rancic claims that the timing of the Oscars and her show taping required other professionals to give her jokes to deliver.

“Fashion Police is a comedy show, and because there was such a fast turn-around time between Oscar night and taping that show Monday morning, they had to have a few things planted, according to Giuliana,” the statement said.

“A writer wrote the line that got Giuliana in trouble. Nobody saw it as racist. The original joke was patchouli, and there was a follow-up joke that never made it to air. It said ‘I heard she’s going on tour with the Grateful Dead,’ alluding that the joke was referring to hippie culture.”

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