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Quilox Nightclub responds to M.I

Kenny Awotorebo

The nightclub has now released a statement about the said incident.

The recent tweets by Rapper MI has come to our attention and we found it necessary to address the issue. Quilox had a contract with Live&Unplugged on February 28th between 10pm-12am. Live&Unplugged contracted M.I as their artist for the night.
At 12am on the said day, M.I was still performing and majority of our customers were complaining and demanding the DJ as we had other events planned for the night. In the process, some customers left.

However, the management honoured M.I’s presence by giving him an additional 30mins and informed his management that he would need to stop at exactly 12.30am. At 12.34am, he was still playing.

Our management at this point was forced to take a decision at 12.45am and let the DJ start his set for the night. The 1st song he played was M.I – Bad Belle to show no disrespect.

Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Quilox however is a business that adheres to it’s agreed terms of contract and respects professionalism.

We accord all clients and customers due respect irrespective of class or status. In order to resolve issues quickly we have a standard complaints procedure which involves contacting management directly or via email.

As we look forward to continue to render the best of services, we hope to avoid scenarios like this one, but in case any complaints are to be made, kindly direct them to info@clubquilox.com. We’ll be sure to respond promptly.

Best regards.
Quilox Management.