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Drake Offers $2m To Sign 2Pac’s Son

Drake Offers $2m To Sign 2Pac’s Son


Jean Micheals is the son of Tupac shakur  and it was announced at a private location in Atlanta.

Drake has really been feeling himself since the success of his MixTape “If Your Reading This It’s Already Late”. He made the announcement for the $2m offer on March 7th (Which Is Jean Michaels Birthday), as a birthday gift to show him that he serious about signing him to OVO!

Sources allegedly reveal that Drake wants to make a response record to 2Pac’s ‘Letter to my unborn child’ with Jean Michaels called ‘letter from your seeds’.

Drake Offers $2m To Sign 2Pac’s Son
Jean Michaels and His Late Dad 2Pac

As earlier reported, 2Pac’s Song Letter to My Unborn Child was written about Jean Michaels. 2Pac wrote the song before he went to jail February 8th of 1995 for an alleged rape he didn’t commit. He made the song before he went to jail because he felt he would die either before or after he went to prison.

Jean Michaels was born a month later in New Jersey on March 7th 1995. 2PAC did not tell anyone about his baby that was on the way out of fear that someone may try to use the mother of his child against him or try to get at her to get to him. 2Pac did not know who to trust so he told no one. No one knew the song was about Jean Michaels, tupac shakur.

Jean Michaels has a mixtape he’s releasing before the summer he will be collaborating with Southern Smokes, DJ Smallz,106 Park’s DJ Asap & ATL’s DJ Fly Guy, called Soul To Soul & it’s the buzz on the street.

He’s 19 years old & he already sounds better than everyone out right now. We predict he will sell more on his 1st official album than 50 Cent when he put out Get Rich or Die Trying.

He is still not signed yet But Floyd Mayweather, T.I, Kanye West, TDE, Dr Dre have to up there offer’s after the move Drake just pulled.