Ghanaian Star, Shatta Wale wants to wed at age 72

Ghanaian Star, Shatta Wale wants to wed at age 72


Getting married early used to be the goal of every woman but these days even men work towards starting a family as soon as they can financially, that’s why it came as a shock when Ghanaian dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr aka Shatta Wale said he will only marry when he turns 72 years.

“I will get married when I am 72 because at that time my wife won’t tell me she is going to market when actually she is going to the night club to have fun; at that age my wife won’t tell me she is attending funeral when she is really going on a trek with another man…at 72 you will always come home to see us in our lazy chair”, he said.

The 30-year-old music sensation revealed his parents, other family members as well as friends have been mounting pressure on him to get married and settle down, that is the least on his priority list.

The dancehall artistes said he really wants to establish himself well and make more investment before he even thinks about marriage.

“Last time I went to put some money in my account and I was telling my banker that this money is plenty and he told the money is small. He [banker] said ‘you think GH¢150,000 is money, do you know the amount of money I have been counting’. Then I realized I need to get more and need to work harder” Shatta Wale said.

He insists pressure from his parent will not influence his marital decisions.

“I have one daughter, Nhyera, who I cherished so much because she brought a lot of luck into my life, so I really want to acquire certain things. I really want to get to a level where I will see that my kid’s future is secured before I plan on settling down with a woman”, he said.

The dancehall artistes said he won’t get married just because he has to make his parents and those around him happy, instead he will do that to pleas him.

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