Kathy Griffin Addresses Pros and Cons on Her ‘Fashion Police’ Exit


A day after making it public that she is about to quit “Fashion Police”, Kathy Griffin addressed the pros and cons surrounding her decision to leave the show. She told the crowd at her show in Waterbury, Connecticut on Friday, May 13, there would be no more drama on the matter.

“It just didn’t work out. That’s it. That’s the scandal,” TMZ quoted the actress-comedienne as saying. “However, Hollywood, of course, enjoys blowing something up,” she went on, adding that she thought all the media coverage surrounding her exit was “kind of funny.”

Griffin, furthermore, admitted, “I just am surprised that people are so invested in this show. But I shouldn’t be because Joan was so incredible and amazing, and it just wasn’t the right thing for me.” During the same occasion, she also thanked fans who have shown their support via Twitter.

Kathy Griffin announced on Thursday, March 12 that she quit “Fashion Police” after being recruited as a host in December last year to replace the late Joan Rivers. Her exit came hot on the heels of Kelly Osbourne’s exit from the reality show after serving as its co-host for five years.

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