Ray J
Ray J

Ray J set to return to ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Yvonne Williams

Strong indications have emerged that ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Ray J and his producers have come to an agreement after ‘intense negotiations.’

Although “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” producers want more drama – ‘negativity’ as put by Ray J, he wanted more love and to protect his relationship with sweetheart – Princess Love which led to his quitting the show, but now he’s back and with more money too, sources say ( he claimed the show was hurting them.)

Finally, Ray J and show’s creator, Mona Scott worked it out at dinner Wednesday night and ofcourse his girlfriend, Princess Love tagged along.

According to reports, Ray J asked Mona to show more of the good parts of his and PL’s relationship. Mona agreed, but insisted on keeping some drama (controversy breeds publicity which pays the bills…).

In the end, Ray agreed to more balance and the only thing left is just to seal the deal.

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