Dencia experiences Xenophobia on Instagram

Dencia experiences Xenophobia on Instagram

Fola Akintomide

Musician and cosmetics entreprenuer Dencia came face to face with a xenophobia from a South African on Instagram.

The skin lightening expert who condemned the attacks and murder of Africans in South Africa, got an earful from a South African lady on Instagram.

The lady who called her self Zoncath on Instagram replied Dencia, “we shall continue to fight out the hooligans in our country and preserve our culture.”

Dencia replied Zoncath – “I don’t have to be a South African citizen or live in South Africa to be worried about what’s happening there.

My mom who is a UN worker works in that country every now and then, my brother lived there for years and guess what, these people losing their lives could have been my direct family members but because they aren’t doesn’t mean I can’t speak of the issues happening in my continent,don’t think because u live in Africa makes u more of an African than I am or will ever be.”

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