Kim Kardashian bans selfies at her selfie book signing

Yvonne Williams

Now that’s just every shade of wrong! Selife queen Kim Kardashian reportedly placed a ban on her fans taking selfies at her book signing whose base has got to do with everything selfie.

Kim Kardashian at her book signing

The much talked about new book features over 400 pages of selfies which the sexy goddess has taken for nearly a decade.

Kim Kardashian’s new book
Kim Kardashian

Kim, wife of music star Kanye West reportedly banned selfies at her book signing which held at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue in New York City Tuesday.

A report from Yahoo Wednesday states the restriction was probably enforced to keep the long line moving (some big time fans had even camped out for the chance to meet her on Monday night), while the 34 year old partied all night at the Met Gala.

Kim Kardashian

How awesome it is to be Kim Kardashian right? Even your minutest thoughts become law…Hmm the many joys of beauty! lol

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