Commercial driver, conductor attack police with poo

Commercial driver, conductor attack police with poo

Mfonobong Akpan

An Imo State based commercial bus driver and his conductor caused a stir at the popular Control Post, adjacent the Maria Assumpta Catholic Cathedral, Owerri, the state capital, when they took on some ‘errant’ police officers using some strange weapons: faeces, attacking the officers by throwing human waste at them.

According to eyewitnesses, the policemen at the Post had flagged down the bus as the driver was driving recklessly.

This was seen as an affront by the driver who became rude to the officers and one of the police men reportedly slapped him. The driver retaliated and a fight ensued, attracting other police officers around to come to the aid of their colleague who all joined hands to beat up the driver and his conductor.

This is how a witness narrated the show of shame:

“After the policeman gave the driver a slap, the driver retaliated immediately and they began fighting.

The policeman’s colleagues rushed down to the place and gave the driver and his conductor severe beating, tearing their clothes in the process, almost leaving them naked.

The drama took a different shape when the duo pulled off what remained of their torn trousers, defecated, scooped the faeces with their hands and splashed the mess on the faces of some of the policemen.

This strange act forced every person around the scene, including the policemen, to scamper for safety, while the battered driver and his conductor were scavenging for more faeces to further pelt their attackers with.

As the confusion continued, the driver and his conductor quickly jumped into their vehicle and disappeared before other security teams arrived.”

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