Kim Kardashian’s wedding inspires me to be a bride – Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian’s wedding inspires me to be a bride – Bruce Jenner

Yvonne Williams

Never say never guys, news had it that Bruce Jenner might be walking down the aisle pretty soon.

A source disclosed to that the former Olympian looks forward to becoming a bride and its all thanks to the Kimye wedding.

Watching Kim Kardashian, 34, say “I do” to Kanye West, 37, in May 2014, Bruce was so taken aback with how stunning the ceremony was that he now wants one of his own.

“Bruce was so happy as he walked Kim down the aisle when she married,” “She looked so beautiful to him. So elegant and regal. She was so happy and Bruce’s eyes were watered with tears.” Aww!

But hold on, it’s not all tears of joy – Bruce’s tears of joy also held a twinge of sadness as well. “He was also crying for himself, too” the source adds. “While he was happy for her, he was also envious.”(Believe me Bruce you weren’t alone on that day. Lol).

“He wanted that moment. Bruce wanted all his family and friends to see him walking down the aisle in a vintage wedding dress, getting married to the woman of his dreams,” the insider explains.

Ever since he came out  as a transgender, Bruce has found it within himself to make sure his dreams of becoming a bride come true one day, too.

“He cried when he walked her down the aisle because he didn’t think at the time he could live out his dream,” says the source. “But now he can. He can finally do it and he most certainly will, but the right person will have to come along for that to happen.”

Now hear the gist, he already has his eyes set on a pretty someone – Ronda Kamihira — Kris Jenner‘s BFF a new report from Life & Style claims.

“Bruce intends to marry Ronda,” a source told the mag. “It’s the most honest relationship he’s ever had. She’s known the truth about him from the start and accepts him as both male and female. They’re completely in love and tell each other all the time.”

We just can’t wait for that special day, can we? Such days the eyes long for! lol

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