Lil Kim’s Ex-Boyfriend sentenced to Life in Prison

Lil Kim’s Ex-Boyfriend sentenced to Life in Prison

Kenny Awotorebo

Lil Kim’s ex Damion “World” Hardy was sentenced to life in prison yesterday during his hearing in Brooklyn. Hardy was joined by Aaron “Ebay” Granton, a hit man who carried out the killings ordered by Hardy. Hardy was convicted of ordering six murders, including the killing of Darryl Baum, a former bodyguard for famous boxer Mike Tyson. According to the New York Post, Baum’s sisters Epiphany and Zakiya were in the crowded Brooklyn courtroom and Zakiya told Hardy , “I feel you are an incredibly dangerous, selfish, vicious, disloyal and insecure soul who killed because it empowered you.”

Epiphany Baum simply called Granton and Hardy a “fucking bitch” when they looked away from her.

Hardy, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and heavily medicated during the proceeding, took the stand and offered a one sentence statement saying, “I am 100 percent, completely innocent,” which drew groans from the onlooking audience.

Granton also spoke and after an insincere apology, he verbally attacked family members of the slain and the audience in the court. “All y’all stood around me and ate candies out of my pocket,” said Granton per the New York Post.

Following the hearing, Hardy and Granton smiled at their supporters while the victims’ families cheered as they exited the court.

Hardy led a gang that is based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The gang, Cash Money Brothers, were prominent throughout the 1990s, terrorizing the area for a decade. The gang bought and sold drugs at a high rate until 2003 when federal agents pinned eight kilograms of cocaine from JFK airport on the Cash Money Brothers, says the New York Times. Assistant U.S. Attorney Soumya Dayananda told the jury that Hardy was the central figure in a ‘world of violence’ he created with his gang in the Lafayette Gardens housing project. Hardy was arrested in 2004. The case dragged on for years because lawyers argued he was not fit for trial because of his schizophrenic condition. During that ten year delay some of Hardy’s henchmen came forward, pleading guilty and giving evidence against their former drugs boss, which lead to his conviction

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