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Oh No! Tyga impregantes Kylie Jenner

Oh No! Tyga impregantes Kylie Jenner

Yvonne Williams

Tyga Ok! Magazine says has impregnated seventeen year old reality star, Kylie Jenner.

It’s no news that Kylie and Tyga have been a couple for some months now but according to the June 1 cover of OK! Magazine the controversial couple would soon become parents.

Kylie’s mum Kris Jenner is said to be excited by the news.
The June 1 cover of OK! Magazine which features a photo of Kylie boldly reads, “Kylie Pregnant At 17!” The cover further illustrates how the news was revealed; Kylie shared the news with her sister Khloe Kardashian first, and she vowed “to be a better mom than Kris Jenner.”

Trust the manger instinct in Kris,  OK! Magazine’s sources claim Kris Jenner is already planning a spinoff for Kylie, Tyga, and their baby. The insider dished, “Kris is already seeing dollar signs. She is positive that people would tune in to watch Kylie’s travails as a young mother. She knows how much attention a baby brings and she can’t help but be excited.”

Kylie Jenner reports say is even planning a wedding as her place is now secured in Tyga’s life!

Oh No! Tyga impregantes Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner on OK Magazine