Blac Chyna now dating boxing champion: vows to keep off Sex!

Blac Chyna now dating boxing champion: vows to keep off Sex!

Yvonne Williams

Blac Chyna has finally moved on from her former rapper love Tyga, to super star boxing champion J’Leon Love.

But reports say there’s more! – Her new sweetheart has sworn to abstain from sex for the next 4 WEEKS!!! (yep, that’s right)

Let’s do a little calculation, shall we? Now according to TMZ,  Blac Chyna met Love around 3 weeks ago and kicked up the flirting when she made him her Man Crush Monday and somehow they got the drift that he flirted back and they’ve been on ever since (juicy huh? lol).

Love is said to be one of the hottest rising stars in boxing right now and is represented by Floyd Mayweather’s promotional company. So, he’s a bona fide member of The Money Team.
The no sex thing all comes down to the WBA International Super Middleweight Champion Love is training  in Vegas on June 20th  and he’s got a very strict “no banging” policy in the weeks before a bout.
But one source connected to Chyna says she’s totally cool with vow of celibacy … and she’s told friends, “I feel like it’s a good thing and I’ll deal with it with him!”

That’s a long long time girlfriend, let’s not conclude now! lol

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