Oscar de la renta snobs son in Will

Oscar de la renta snobs son in Will

Yvonne Williams

Oscar de la Renta’s death has now revealed that the ongoing feud between the late fashion icon and his adopted son Moises, persisted  till his death.

The rift was allegedly caused after his son started his own fashion line in 2005.

According to Page Six Oscar de la Renta left Moises “a relatively threadbare portion” of his $26 million estate in a will signed just weeks before his death.

The juice ; If Moises attempts to contest the will, it stipulates that he won’t even get that “relatively threadbare” amount.

Sources say Most of the 82-year-old’s estate was left to his second wife, with some also left to her three children, and one of those three children was named as alternate executor of the will—which Page Six sees as another snub to Moises.

Just so you know MDLR, Moises’ fashion line didn’t even smell success.

The price of betrayal huh? lol

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