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Kim K debunks rumours she is pregnant with twins

Kim K debunks rumours she is pregnant with twins

Mfonobong Akpan

Kim Kardashian, who recently announced she and Kanye West, 37, are pregnant, shot down rumors that she’s expecting twins, while promoting the U.S. launch of Hype Energy Drinks on June 2.

“It’s ridiculous rumors,” Kim, 34, told E! News at the event, when asked about being pregnant with twins. “I can’t wait till my website’s up so I can just say whatever I want, when I want.”

Kim also addressed more rumors, including ones about a surrogate and a fake bump, on Twitter June 2. Her outburst, which included the words “s***” and “f***,” seemed out of character for the reality star, which is why she assured her followers that she was not hacked. “Hahahaha Twitter just contacted me to see if I’ve been hacked LOL #JustPregnantKeeks,” she tweeted.

Then, Kim explained her mood in further detail at the vent. “Oh I was just bored sitting in there for an hour. I guess I get a little feisty when I’m pregnant. So I was just responding to people that come up with the most ridiculous things as if they’re facts. So I was like, I might as well just say whatever I want,” she told E! News.