Ghanaian musicians are full of lies – Tinny

Ghanaian musicians are full of lies – Tinny


Ghanaian rapper Tinny, is set to expose the lies of his fellow musicians in his yet to be released new single, “Mini Yaanor”.
Tinny in an interview with said his song will touch on how Ghanaian musicians throw dust into the eyes of the public.

In the interview, he was quoted to have said that;

“The motive of the song is to reveal how some Ghanaian artistes behave. We are lying too much to our fans, we shouldn’t speak about things we don’t have.

Artists say they have bought this and for that amount while they don’t even know the selling price. I also want to tell people the truth because that’s what the loyal fans deserve.

This song is for the fans of Tinny who held me down from day one. This is a single off the album that will drop in September. The song is produced by Hype Lyrix.”
He also talked about his performance at the just ended Ghana Music Awards.

“I wasn’t surprised with the reaction of the people because when DJ Black mentioned my name, the cheers were loud and so I was very hyped to give them the best.

I saw them coming on stage and I thought they were coming to give me the normal flow. But when they got on stage I was wowed with what they did and said. And for Joey B to call me a god, that was something else.

I don’t believe he meant I’m a god of music because I have been around for a long time and still doing it. It was out of the blue and those two are doing really well. I’m thinking of doing a song with them.”

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