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31 Year old man promises to remain a virgin till marriage

31 Year old man promises to remain a virgin till marriage

Ezinne Osuagwu

Apparently it’s not just ladies who can stay away from sex till their wedding night. Guys can too!

This 31 year old American, JimDre Westbrook, has not had sex since his birth.

No, he is not gay or impotent!

The 31 year old resident of the famous sin city, Las Vegas, has chosen to remain a virgin till his wedding night and he wants the world to know that he is not ashamed of his decision.

He has also launched WorthTheWaitGuy.com, a personal blog documenting his journey.
In a revealing interview with Essence, he credited his success thus far to his deeply rooted faith in God and his mum.
“First and foremost it’s a promise I made to God. Everything I do is for Him. It’s what I believe in. This is something I came up with when I was 14 after my mother had ‘the talk’ with me right before I went to high school. She figured that just like any other mom or dad, that her child would eventually engage in sex. I thought that I could wait, and that if I could wait until marriage and share that experience with my wife for the first time, that would be the ultimate gift. It would be better than any diamond that I could give her.”

Truth is he didn’t even think he could make it this far!

“I didn’t think I would even make it to being a 30-something virgin. If you’d asked me when I first made the promise to my mom at 14, when you’re 30 or 31, are you still going to be a virgin? I probably would’ve laughed at that, but I know that me being single at this age is part of God’s plan. I’m content with that.”
Maybe there are ladies who’re interested in marrying a virgin guy, here’s an opportunity for you.
He is single and searching and you don’t have to be a virgin to qualify as his woman.
“I am 100-percent single. My future wife does not have to be a virgin, no. In the world we live in today most of the women I will come in contact with will not be virgins. I’m not the one to judge people or to say she has to be exactly like me.”
JimDre doesn’t think he is different from every other man for being a virgin.
“I feel that I’m worth the wait because God’s worth the wait. I don’t think that I’m any different or more special than anyone else. I’m a human being; I’m not perfect. I’m a good man and I’m a God fearing man. I believe in myself and I’m a family man too.”
And yea, there are other virgin guys like him!
“Since I came out with the news last year, not only other male virgins, but female virgins have also responded to my website, and said, “It’s awesome that you’re doing what you’re doing, and, yes, you’re not alone.” I know that I’m not the last man on earth doing this. It feels good to know that other people believe in the same thing that I believe in. It’s kind of like an informal fraternity. I have brothers and sisters in Christ who are also doing the same thing that I’m doing. That’s a pretty awesome thing to have to keep me doing.”
Before you go judging him for seeing sex a sin,
“My message isn’t to say, “We all need to stop having sex or we need to do this or that.” I want people to look themselves in the mirror and have some crucial conversations and figure out what truly makes them happy.”
While he is currently on a mission to encourage men and women to love who they are and live their lives accordingly, he admits he can’t wait to have sex with his wife.
“I’m waiting to experience sex with my future wife.”

source: fashionbuzz.tv