My humble upbringing gave me confidence to stand out! – Pharrell Williams

My humble upbringing gave me confidence to stand out! – Pharrell Williams

Yvonne Williams

Iconic singer Pharrell Williams says his humble beginnings in North Carolina, helped push him to stardom.

In an interview with Cannes Lions on Tuesday, the youthful 42-year-old said: ‘I was raised in an area where, if you were part of the camouflage, you got lost.

‘I’m not better than anyone else. It’s important to celebrate differences and pride yourself on being individual. That’s your thing.’

‘I’m not sure I am confident, I am just blindly delusional and ambitious. My parents say to me, “What do you know about music?”‘ he joked.

Hosted by media mogul Ryan Seacrest in a talk in collaboration with iHeartRadio, the musician was asked how he manages to never look a day over 27.

‘It something to do with my mom and dad,’ he said.

‘But also curiosity, and a curious mind is a young mind. As long as the fire is burning, you’re all good.’

Pharrell attributes his ‘pure intentions’ as the reason behind his success.

‘As an artist, you have to make sure you intention is pure. That’s how your hold people’s attention. People can hear your intention. When you do things for money, they can tell. They don’t care.

‘If they respect you, they stick around.’

Pharrell who has eleven Grammy awards under his belt and got an Oscars nod for his song, Happy, said writing doesn’t always come easily to him.

‘You have to work with the energy in the room and just like anyone in business, sometimes you have to come back the next day.

‘Sometimes you have off days. You have to allow the energy to dictate where the song is going to go.

‘I pride myself with doing things that are different. That’s what excites me.’

The Happy singer also credits his ‘amibitious’ team for getting him to where he is today.

‘I used to manage a team and I never got anything done,’ he said. ‘Now I surround myself with a team of people who are more ambitious than I am and they manage me.

‘I stay grounded as everyone around me floats,’ the dailymail reports.

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