Ryan Reynolds receives serious backlash from fans for carrying daughter incorrectly

Ryan Reynolds receives serious backlash from fans for carrying daughter incorrectly

Yvonne Williams

A sweet and innocent Instagram photo of Ryan Reynolds holding his daughter James in a baby carrier has turned into a fierce debate over parenting.

Dailymail reports that in celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday, Ryan’s wife Blake Lively, 27, posted a picture of hubby Ryan holding his baby girl in a device that was strapped to his chest.

Ryan Reynolds carrying his child incorrectly

But despite the photo accruing more than 330,000 likes, it is also being bombarded with comments bashing the way the 38-year-old Canadian actor placed his daughter in the carrier.
Some people have expressed concerns that the six-month-old was in a perilous position.
‘Poor baby looks so uncomfortable and unsafe,’ read one comment. ‘Please have hot hubby read the instruction manual.’
Another said: ‘Please read your baby product manuals with as much detail as you read a script’ – and branded Ryan’s actions ‘dangerous’.
Parenting blog The Stir pointed out in greater detail exactly what was wrong with the way his baby had been positioned.
One of its writers, Jenny Erickson, said: ‘James’ feet are dangling out of the bottom of the carrier, and they’re together. When baby’s feet are pushed together in a carrier, it increases the risk of hip dysplasia, as their little hips are basically pushed out of their sockets.

The right way: A still from an instructional video shows the safest way to carry a baby in a Lillebaby carrier -similar to the one being used by Ryan Reynolds in the Instagram snap

‘Instead, doctors recommend that baby carriers support the thigh and allow the legs to spread to keep the hip in a stable position.
‘The other thing going wrong here is that James’ head seems to be completely obscured. Babywearers always want to make sure they can see their infant’s face, and keep their airways clear.’
Others stuck up for the new parents – preferring to focus on the delightful bond between father and daughter.
Adriane Stare, a certified babywearing educator told Yahoo Parenting: ‘Although baby James is not in the most ideal position for this carrier, it’s really wonderful to see a happy dad trying his best to follow his instincts and snuggle his baby close.
‘When a baby is carried heart-to-heart on mom or dad’s chest, even when not perfectly positioned, a parent is much more able to be attuned to how baby is doing versus when their babe is away from them in a stroller.’
The celebrity couple have yet to share a photo of their little girl since welcoming her in December.

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