Bobby Shmurda receives new charge for Prison contraband

Kenny Awotorebo

Bobby Shmurda appeared in court today for the first time since late April as Judge James Burke set his multiple-charge conspiracy trial to begin Oct. 5. But during today’s hearing, the prosecution noted that Shmurda, aka Acquille Pollard, had been re-arrested this week on a charge unrelated to the case. According to the prosecution, Shmurda was arrested Tuesday, June 23 after he received a “sharpened metal instrument” on June 21. The charge will not be included in the indictment that he will face in October.

According to the New York City Department of Correction, Shmurda was charged in the Bronx Criminal Court on a 1st degree charge of “promoting prison contraband,” a Class D felony. The New York penal code states that the charge relates to either “knowingly and unlawfully introduc[ing] any dangerous contraband into a detention facility,” or, “Being a person confined in a detention facility [who] knowingly and unlawfully makes, obtains or possesses any dangerous contraband.”

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