Ouch! 58 Year old Grandmum puts her “beauty which stops traffic” to test but gets opposite reaction!

Ouch! 58 Year old Grandmum puts her “beauty which stops traffic” to test but gets opposite reaction!

Yvonne Williams

In the exclusive interview Mrs Arnott from Maidstone, Kent, said women were intimidated by her looks and told how her beauty has reduced men to tears and stopped traffic.

To put Mrs Arnott’s claims to the test, ITV’s This Morning sent the grandmother on to the streets of London wearing tight white trousers to gauge the reaction of passersby.

But despite the grandmother’s claims that men are left drooling in her wake, Mrs Arnott’s presence did not seem to turn many heads as she strutted her stuff on London’s South Bank.

Before the experiment aired, Mrs Arnott described feeling overwhelmed by the constant attention she receives by strangers and said her ravishing looks make ‘people do a double take’.

‘When people are staring at you all the time it does become rather overwhelming,’ she said.

‘It stop men concentrating on their driving. I get a lot of attention wherever I go. People look at me all the time in the street.’

But the clips of Mrs Arnott walking down the street seemed to tell a different story.

In one clip showing Mrs Arnott walking past two men in a lorry, neither seemed to notice or acknowledge her presence.

Giving a commentary on the experiment, presenter Phillip Schofield pointed out: ‘There’s a man in a truck there who didn’t get out.

He then added: ‘You didn’t seem to cause a lot of reaction.’

In the next phase of the experiment, Mrs Arnott shimmies past two gentleman outside an office block, but neither bat an eyelid in her direction.

Commenting on the men’s reaction Schofiled said: ‘No massive amount going on there.’

Seemingly baffled by the results, she said: ‘I think I saw them look but that was about it really.’

In an interview with FEMAIL last week, Mrs Arnott, who lives with husband Ian, 66, said she believes she has the face and the figure of a women 20 years younger, which she puts down to ‘luck and good genes’.

Mrs Arnott, who has one daughter and one grandchild, said her partner enjoys all the attention she gets from other men – but has also noticed that women are jealous of his wife.

She said: ‘Women can be intimidated by me because of the way I look, dress and speak. I have class, elegance and beauty, which are all powerful assets.

‘I never used to realise that other women were jealous of me, but now I see it. Women even frown at me on the street – something my husband’s noticed too.

‘But that’s what happens when you are 58 with the face and figure of a 35-year-old. It’s all natural aswell. I put it all down to luck and good genes.’

Mrs Arnott, who believes her looks have almost caused car crashes and even cleans her car while wearing a bikini, said she doesn’t work out – even though ‘for some strange reason my body looks as though I do’.

She also said she walks around ‘like I’ve just walked off a movie set’.

She added: ‘My ex-husband used to get jealous but my husband Ian loves the attention I get. He laps it up and even sometimes likes to walk behind me on the pavement just to see what happens. People inevitably stare at me as I go by and people try and chat me up.

‘I’ve had all sorts of approached by men. I’ve had notes left on my windscreen.

‘Once when I lived in a flat and there was scaffolding up outside a guy climbed up and left a note on my bedroom window. It said: “I’d love to wine and dine you” but I didn’t take him up the offer.

Biko guys, what do you think? would her beauty bring you to tears??? lol

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