My dream man must very confident and self assured – DJ Cuppy

My dream man must very confident and self assured – DJ Cuppy

Yvonne Williams

Oil billionaire Femi Otedola’s daughter DJ Cuppy has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

In a chat with Showtime Celebrity the singer and  DJ  opens up on having a famous dad, her upcoming tour of eight countries in four weeks, and her relationships with men:

Excerpts from the interview:

Would you have been this successful without your father?

That is a very nice question. It is very good to know that people could have the same platform but some are big while others are small. I always say thanks to education, which, seems to be an open door for everybody. But if you are not good and if you are not bad as an individual all you need to do is to keep on going and doing what you can. I would not say that I am an exemption but I have been doing this for a while now and I became bigger than I was in terms of this DJ work because I do it often. I think practice makes perfect.

Was he not disappointed when you told him you wanted to be a DJ?

No, he was not. I would like to use this medium to advise every Nigerian that there is need for us to support our children in their careers. My dad was one of the first people to say to me, “Cuppy, I know you can do it but you must be the best”.

What would you say inspired this African tour in eight countries?

This tour was inspired when I looked at my environment and potential. When I said I wanted to do eight countries in four weeks, a lot of people looked at me like I was crazy. You know the people that I had in mind that I actually wanted to work with said they were not really going to do this tour in four weeks. But after much considerations and everything and also with a great team and support from my brand, we are able to put the tour together. We also have challenges ahead but we are going to move on.

Are you in any relationship now?

I can tell you that I am certainly not. Unfortunately with the tour coming and all the things we need to do, I do not have time to get in anything like that. Maybe I will find someone around Africa.

Who is your ideal man?

I am someone that is very ambitious and my career is very important to me. I am a very young individual. I like someone that is very confident and self assured, someone that is also very ambitious. Maybe in the future, that is something I will focus on or care about. For now, I am still learning about myself and I believe this tour will result in my coming back as a different person. I can tell you what I like now but I think that changes with time. Every young person is still discovering him/herself. There are prospects to that except if you have a husband for me (Laughs).

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