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Kim Kardashian to do naked photo shoot to prove she’s pregnant

Kim Kardashian to do naked photo shoot to prove she’s pregnant


After being repeatedly accused of faking her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian is planning to do nude photo shoot to prove her second pregnancy. An insider tells HollywoodLife, “[Kim]’s planning to do a nude photo shoot before she has the baby. [But], she’s still on the fence about sharing it with the world.”

According to the insider, Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnant nude photo shoot for DuJour Magazine back in December is something Kim wants to do but she’s not ready to share it to the world yet. “She’s not that comfortable with her pregnant body,” says the insider, “She’s not like Kourtney who loves being naked pregnant.”

“Kourtney is telling her she should just go ahead and do it. Kim hasn’t said it will never happen, which was her attitude when she was pregnant last time, but she hasn’t said yes either,” the insider adds.

The insider says Kanye West’s wife is more comfortable with her body during her second pregnancy. “She’s been much more strict with her diet, she’s not eating nearly as much sugar or junk,” the insider explains, “When she was pregnant with North she thought all the weight would magically melt off as soon as she gave birth. Now she knows it doesn’t work that way.”

Another source claims Kim “loves to take naked selfies while pregnant” and “sends them to Kanye.” But Kanye “doesn’t think it’s great idea” for Kim to do pregnant photo shoot. The source explains, “Not because he’s against Kim showing off her body, he loves her celebrating her beauty, it’s more because he feels that sort of photoshoot has been done time and time again.”

“He always wants to remain edgy, and likes Kim to think about more alternative ideas, and doesn’t think a black and white photo set, holding belly pose, while being completely naked, is anything new,” the source adds.