Miley Cyrus opens up about friendship with Caitlyn Jenner

Miley Cyrus opens up about friendship with Caitlyn Jenner

Fola Akintomide

Miley Cyrus revealed she’s friends with Caitlyn Jenner in a recent interview withMarie Claire. 

The September cover star told the magazine about some of their recent conversations, saying, “We’ve talked a lot about how you can never make every single person happy.” 

She continued, “We always laugh about people saying she transitioned to be famous. Which is crazy. Caitlyn has to tell her story, because if she doesn’t, everyone else is going to tell it for her.”

Cyrus also talked in depth about her own struggles with body issues and anxiety that stemmed from growing up on Hannah Montana. 

“From the time I was 11, it was, ‘You’re a pop star! That means you have to be blonde, and you have to have long hair, and you have to put on some glittery tight thing,'” she said. “Meanwhile, I’m this fragile little girl playing a 16-year-old in a wig and a ton of makeup. It was like Toddlers & Tiaras. I had fucking flippers.”

The September issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands Aug. 18. 

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