Kylie Jenner feels like a sex goddess and loves being naked – Source

Kylie Jenner feels like a sex goddess and loves being naked – Source

Yvonne Williams

Things have changed for Kylie Jenner, 18, now that she’s a legal adult. One would think the reality star had all the confidence in the world because of how much she shows off her body on Instagram. However, an insider tells that wasn’t always the case! Now that she’s legally an adult, she feels like a sex goddess now and loves being naked!

“Kylie loves being a woman, for so long she felt lost among all her sisters,” an insider . “She never thought she’d feel this sexy, she used to hate her body and compare it to her older sister’s all the time, especially Kim‘s.” That certainly makes sense. Being compared to your older sisters isn’t always fun. However, that entire mindset has changed now because she totally feels different about her body.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has actually come to terms with her curves now! “But now she feels like a sex goddess, she says she feels better naked than she does with clothes on,” the insider added. By being legal, Kylie can finally show off her body any way she wants to. If the 18-year-old ever decides to pose nude, it won’t stop the comparisons to half-sister Kim Kardashian, 34. There will probably be more of it, but at least Kylie is confident enough in her own skin to brush off the comparisons! The reality star has Tyga, 25, to thank for that!

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