50 Cent clowns Puff Daddy’s “Finna Get Loose” video

50 Cent clowns Puff Daddy’s “Finna Get Loose” video

Kenny Awotorebo

50 Cent took to Instagram today (August 18) to give commentary of Puff Daddy’s “Finna Get Loose” video.

He shows clips of the black and white video with his voiceover.

“That shit is like an African chant,” 50 Cent says.

A clip of Diddy in the video appears.

“What the fuck is Puffy doing?” 50 Cent asks.

The camera then moves to the G-Unit rapper as he takes a drink of his Effen vodka.

“Ima have a drink to forget about this shit,” he says.

Under the video, 50 promotes his “9 Shots” video, which he released after the Power season finale.

“9 SHOT IS FIRE,” 50 writes. “I change my mind I don’t want be your friend puffy.”

Watch the full video below

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