Nick must go to jail: Pat Houston and Bobby Brown unite for that cause

Nick must go to jail: Pat Houston and Bobby Brown unite for that cause

Mfonobong Akpan

Finally, the Houstons’ and Browns have found a common rallying point – Nick Gordon. Both sides of the family are certain that Nick is responsible for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death and want to see him behind bars and they’re not willing to wait while law enforcement conducts a long, slow investigation.

The National Enquirer reports that photos they recently published of Nick Gordon at Bobbi Kristina Brown’s grave site have infuriated both families and have united them to put pressure on Georgia law enforcement and Fulton County prosecutors to lock Nick Gordon up for his crimes – it seems like it took an outrage by Nick Gordon to unite Pat Houston and Bobby Brown.

Nick Gordon is still under investigation in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown – just because an arrest has not been made for the January 31 incident does not mean he’s in the clear. Because this case is so high profile, police want to make sure they can make the charges stick and that means they need evidence, witnesses, motive and a rock-solid case.

The civil suit filed by Bobbi Kristina Brown’s court-appointed guardian was filed even before the celeb offspring lost her fight for her life and was modified after her passing to accuse Nick Gordon of wrongful death once she died. In particular, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s grandma Cissy Houston took the news hard that Nick Gordon was flouting decency by crying and carrying on at Bobbi Kristina’s grave. The effect on Cissy Houston was so bad that, according to the Enquirer, she collapsed in grief.

The Enquirer quotes a source that said, “Both sides of the family… are furious that Nick dared to go to the grave after he was barred from her funeral.” Now the family is worried that Nick Gordon’s actions will stress Cissy Houston to death – literally – because the family matriarch is already in frail health and burying her precious granddaughter next to Whitney Houston, the daughter she also lost tragically early, is just too painful for Cissy to deal with.

The civil suit against Nick Gordon alleges that he beat her so badly in an attack prior January 31st that he knocked out one of her teeth and then dragged Bobbi Kristina Brown up the stairs by her hair. Then on January 31st, according to witnesses quoted in the civil suit, Gordon was drinking and drugging and attacked Bobbi Kristina again, forced her to take a “drug cocktail” and left her to drown in the bathtub while he hung out with house guests who then noticed Bobbi Kristina’s distress and called 911.

Even if every accusation can’t be proven out, law enforcement may be able to corroborate witness statements and find enough evidence to at least nab Nick Gordon on manslaughter, domestic abuse or perhaps more. With the Houstons and Browns now a united front, hopefully they can put enough pressure on Georgia law enforcement to push them to arrest Gordon who is still hiding out in Orlando, Florida with his birth mother hoping to evade justice for his actions.


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