“Rap is for “Tone-Deaf People,” Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards says

“Rap is for “Tone-Deaf People,” Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards says

Kenny Awotorebo

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards blasted Rap and Rock in a recent interview with the New York Daily News.

“Rap—so many words, so little said,” The Rolling Stones member says.

“What rap did that was impressive was to show there are so many tone-deaf people out there,” Richards continues. “All they need is a drum beat and somebody yelling over it and they’re happy. There’s an enormous market for people who can’t tell one note from another.”

This is not the first time Richards has spoken against the genre.

“Hip Hop leaves me cold,” he said in a 2007 interview with Rolling Stone. “But there are some people out there who think it’s the meaning of life…I don’t wanna be yelled at. I wanna be sung to. I never really understood why somebody would want to have some gangster from LA poking his fingers in your face. As I say, it don’t grab me. I mean, the rhythms are boring. They’re all done on computers.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the guitarist also dismisses Rock music and specifically Heavy Metal groups Black Sabbath and Metallica, calling them “great jokes.”

“It sounds like a dull thud to me,” he says. “For most bands, getting the syncopation is beyond them. It’s endless thudding away, with no bounce, no lift, no syncopation.”

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