All about Chrissy Teigen’s “No Hot Nannies Rule”

All about Chrissy Teigen’s “No Hot Nannies Rule”

Mfonobong Akpan

The 29-year-old FABLife host admitted during New York Fashion Week that she tells John Legend all the time that if they ever have kids, they can’t hire pretty nannies and get themselves into situations like what happened to Ben Affleck and Jude Law‘s marriages. Both famous men allegedly cheated on their wives with … the nanny!

She says, “No hot nannies, drivers, or maids,” Chrissy joked. “It’s an ongoing joke in my house. I do want to have kids one day, so it’s something that I have to think about. But the rule is no hot nannies. I trust John, but you never know with these men. These days, it doesn’t really matter what you look like — sometimes cabin fever just strikes and men do the do. It’s too late for me, though, because I have a hot assistant.”

But Chrissy came under fire for her comments and on Friday, Sept. 11, the supermodel, 29, was forced to tweet an explanation about her comments surrounding her husband, John Legend, and “hot nannies by saying basically ‘sorry not sorry’:

What’s your opinion, has she done or said anything wrong?

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