Die Antwoord accuses Lady Gaga of copying their style

Die Antwoord accuses Lady Gaga of copying their style

Mfonobong Akpan

South African rap-duo, Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser, has accused international singing sensation, Lady Gaga of copying her hair style.

Gaga at New York Fashion Week carries her blonde hair which has a fringe with a blunt cut, that is remarkably similar to the group’s.

Ninja posted an image of Gaga on his personal Instagram account, @Zef_Alien calling her out.

“an this iz exactly why we diss this fuktard parasite biter bitch. #gagaNYfashionweek.”


The public feud between the group and Gaga began in 2012. Gaga had asked the group to open for her during her tour in South Africa. They declined the offer, but then went on to poke fun at her in their music video, Fatty Boom Boom. Images showed an impersonation of Gaga giving birth to a prawn.

She famously fought back on Twitter, saying; “i fink you freaky but you don’t have a hit. hundred thousand tickets sold in SA. #thatsmyshit.” She followed it up with another message; “i guess it’s not a good idea to tell someone you’re a fan. never mind. we get it. you’re not a little monster. WE GOT IT.”

They didn’t ignore the comments, and replied with this stinging retort; “lady… even tho u r ‘larger’ than us… we still cooler than you… plus we don’t have prawn in our private parts.”

The post has received over two thousand comments.

Gaga has yet to respond.

source: msn

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