Trouble in paradise?  Tyga fed up of Kylie Jenner

Trouble in paradise? Tyga fed up of Kylie Jenner

Yvonne Williams

Tyga and Kylie are currently not on the best of terms and it’s not pretty. Tyga reportedly Kylie  to stop acting like his ex Blac Chyna, 27.

According to a report by Tyga’s had enough of Kylie’s shenanigans and told friends he has a “superficial monster” on his hands. He’s fed up with their fights and arguments and asking she stop acting like King Cairo‘s mother. “He refuses to be in a relationship that’s chaotic,” the insider said. “He had that with Blac. He wants differently with Kylie.” In fact, Tyga adores Kylie so much but would rather “cut things off” so that they both can be happy. That’s deep!
But Kylie’s love for Snapchat is annoying Tyga to death. As previously reported, Tyga got angry with his teenage girlfriend as she tried to record a precious moment they were having. Tyga was sitting on what appears to be a bed and turned around to look at Kylie. Instead of her face, he saw her cell phone pointing at him and went ballistic! “Oh my God, why do you post everything,” he yelled. “Damn,” he continued. “You’re killing me!”

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