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Queen Elizabeth II never carries cash, find out why?

Queen Elizabeth II never carries cash, find out why?

Yvonne Williams

Queen Elizabeth II never carries money, except for one day out of the week, that is: Sundays.

According to a palace source who revealed this  to Us Weekly, “She donates to the church collection basket,” says the source of the 89-year-old monarch, whose visage adorns every pound. And crumpled bills won’t do: “Her butler irons a 5-pound note into a little square by folding it until you can only see her face!”

Historian Sally Bedell Smith, who interviewed the reigning monarch’s friends and relatives for the 2012 biography Elizabeth the Queen: The Woman Behind the Throne, wrote that among the contents of the queen’s purse are mint lozenges, reading glasses, a fountain pen, lipstick, compact, and tissues. In addition, there is reportedly a portable book with a suction cap so that the queen can hang her bag discreetly under tables!
Though Queen Elizabeth may not have cash on her very often, she’s definitely not hurting for money. Her fortune is estimated at 340 million pounds. While that amount is nothing to sneeze at, according to researchers at the London School of Marketing, the long-reigning ruler isn’t quite as wealthy as David and Victoria Beckham’s family, who are estimated to be worth around 470 million pounds.
Source: usmagazine.com