Drama! Caroline Danjuma attacks Cynthia Morgan for controversial photo, but Cynthia Morgan is having none of it

Yvonne Williams

The roof is coming down on social media! lol…

Pretty recently, dancehall artiste Cynthia Morgan posted an “offensive” photo of her holding a baby and posing with  a cigarette and of course, the photo elicited mixed reception.

The artiste received lots of backlash, and now former actress turned billionaire wife / makeup artiste Caroline Danjuma joined the train, taking to her Instagram page to slam Cynthia Morgan for the photo, saying “This ain’t art… To hurt a child ain’t music.”

Follow the drama:

Here is Cynthia Morgan’s earlier post:

Caroline Danjuma’s reaction to the photo:

Cynthia Morgan fires back:

Please note that the picture are meant for a soon to be released song titled – “Baby Mama”

Ouch…no comment! lol

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